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Bingo may be conducted for fundraising purposes by organisations declared by the VCGLR as community or charitable organisations.

If your organisation has been declared it would have been advised by the VCGLR in writing and been issued a declaration number.

If you are not sure if your organisation has been declared, please contact the Minor Gaming Unit at the VCGLR on (03) 9651 3630, or via email at [email protected].

Bingo sessions may also be run by a licensed bingo centre operator (BCO) on behalf, and for the benefit, of a declared community or charitable organisation. In this instance, the community or charitable organisation enters into an agreement with a licensed BCO to conduct bingo on its behalf. BCOs must be licensed by the VCLGR to run bingo at each bingo centre that they operate. A copy of a standard agreement may be obtained from the VCGLR.

For more information on Bingo refer to the VCGLR website.


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