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Psychosocial Hazards at Work

May 22, 2023 | ClubHub

Pursuant to occupational health and safety obligations, workplace environmental safety factors are not just confined to physical safety risks. Employers have a duty of care and clear responsibilities for their staff which includes managing risk factors including psychosocialfactors present in a workplace.

Psychosocial hazards are factors in the design or management of work that increase the risk of work-related stress and can lead to psychological or physical harm.

Employees are likely to be exposed to a combination of psychosocial hazards, depending on their role and environment. Some hazards might always be present at work, while others only occasionally.

Both NSW and Qld have now introduced Code of Practice requirements for managing psychosocial hazards at work, and Victoria is heading down that path.

The Worksafe website expands on some of these common psychosocial hazards:

Low job control
High and low job demands
Poor support
Poor organisational change management
Poor organisational justice
Low recognition and reward
Low role clarity
Poor workplace relationships
Poor environmental conditions
Remote and isolated work
Violent or traumatic events

CCV has engaged SIAG to assist preparing information for our member clubs.

In the meantime, the following Risk Assessment Audit has been prepared by Clubs NSW and we recommend members start to familiarise themselves with the type of site specific analysis that will be required.

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