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Venue Self Exclusion Program

Why does my club need Self Exclusion?

In Victoria it is mandatory for every gaming venue operator to have a voluntary self-exclusion program for customers. The self-exclusion program remains the most credible and valuable customer assistance tool for people wishing to get better control of their gambling behaviour. There are two industry-operated self-exclusion programs to assist gaming venues meet this requirement:

  • SEP 1 – administrated by the Australian Hotels Association Victoria (AHA)
  • SEP 2 – administrated by Community Clubs Victoria (CCV)

Please note: self-excluding with either program, covers the same venues throughout the state.

EASE – Easy Access Self Exclusion

Already the leading Self Exclusion provider, SEP2 continues to assist clubs and their communities. The system EASE (Easy Access Self Exclusion) offers easy access, ease of use for operators and overcomes the delays for those seeking self-exclusion. It does this by allowing club managers, gaming managers and Gamblers Help service providers who may wish to do so, to easily produce a Deed of Self Exclusion at a patron or client’s request.

The Process

Self Exclusion is an entirely voluntary process. It is an agreement a person makes with themselves and for themselves. It involves no other person in any responsibilities – legal or otherwise. To become self-excluded, a person will need to nominate which venues they wish to exclude themselves from and sign their Deed of Self Exclusion with an EASE officer – at which time their photo will be taken. Terms of the Deed are explained to the patron at the time of signing, the patron should ensure that it is understood thoroughly and, if required, seek independent advice concerning the contents.

For more information about EASE or to self-exclude, please contact:
Self Exclusion office (03) 8851 4949.

Venue Operators

Adopting a self-exclusion program

All venue operators must adopt a self-exclusion program and provide the following to the VGCCC ([email protected]):

Changing a self-exclusion program

To change from a current approved program to another approved program, clubs must provide the VGCCC ([email protected]) with:

Once the VGCCC has approved the new self-exclusion program, clubs should notify the program administrators of the change.

Independent Complaint Resolution Process

In the instance that a customer wishes to lodge a complaint, they may do so by completing the complaint form and returning by post or email to [email protected].

Self Exclusion office

For more information or to arrange an interview to self-exclude, please see our ‘I want to Self Exclude‘ Page.

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