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Club Centred Professional Development

Mar 24, 2022 | ClubHub

CCV endeavours to provide our Member Clubs with a rigorous training program and has partnered with psychologist and executive coach Andrew Carnegie to deliver important professional development opportunities. Our Continual Professional Development Series (CPD) sessions are ideal for club directors and senior management, while our Emerging Leaders series (ELPD) is geared toward younger mangers, 2ICs, departmental managers, or any employee looking to upskill. Read about upcoming sessions below:
Challenging Conversations with Staff (CPD) – 2PM | Wednesday, 4th May | via Zoom
Building accountability, addressing responsibilities, and establishing a formula for positive outcomes
Words are more than a means of communication. They can shape our beliefs, behaviours, feelings and ultimately our actions. By clarifying the fundamentals of human communication and building our awareness of a broad spectrum of communication skills and preferences, we can think, communicate, and manage ourselves, and others, more effectively.

This webinar will focus on the importance of good communication and provide practical techniques for communicating more effectively with staff toward building greater responsibility, accountability, and more positive outcomes. The webinar will also provide a proven approach for dealing with those difficult and challenging conversations that we often want to avoid – and help participants be more deliberate and impactful, how they deliver their messages and how best to engage with others to achieve better performance outcomes.

Conflict Resolution (ELPD) – 2PM | Wednesday, 25 May | via Zoom
Techniques to resolve issues and the supervisor / facilitator role
When handled well, conflict can be an opportunity to deepen our understanding of issues, learn from others, and to develop positive and productive working relationships. When mishandled or left unattended conflict can fester and lead to relationship breakdown, poor morale and significant financial, human and workplace costs.

It is designed to provide some practical skills and techniques to engage more effectively with conflict in the workplace. The webinar will assist in identifying the early warning signs of unhealthy conflict, help build an understanding of different conflict styles, know an effective model and framework for resolving conflict in its early stages, and help build participant understanding, confidence and capability in constructively dealing with situations of workplace conflict.

Motivating & Empowering Staff (CPD) – 2PM | Wednesday, 1st June | via Zoom
How to achieve a high performing team, looking at personality types, different styles and management techniques
Having motivated and empowered staff matters and has become one of the most singular determining factors for defining individual and business/workplace performance and success. Not only do motivated employees perform at their best but are also at their best when it comes to their psychological, physical, and mental health and wellbeing.

This webinar session will explore the science and principles of motivation, as well as a range of practical strategies and approaches that can be applied to both maintain and enhance employee motivation. It will provide a mixture of relevant content and theory as well as the opportunity for group discussion to explore how the principles of motivation can be best applied across and the ever-shifting impacts of the post pandemic landscape.

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