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Cricket Participation Rebounds

Aug 17, 2022 | ClubHub

Cricket participation numbers in Victoria continue to rebound well from two years of COVID disruption, according to the 2021-22 Australian Cricket Census.

To date, Victoria has regained 89% of its registered participation recorded in 2019-20.

Inspired by our elite women’s teams, participation by women and girls increased by 12.8% on 2019-20 results.

Among the key outcomes:
• Total registered participation in Victoria increased by 35.8% year on year to 211,479
• Women and girls’ registered participation increased 74% year on year and exceeded pre-pandemic figures in 2019-20.
• School competition participation increased by 6% on pre-pandemic figures
• Woolworths Cricket Blast participation remains 11% down on pre-pandemic numbers
• Registered participation in club cricket grew by 5.2 % on the previous year to 120, 617.
Cricket Victoria GM – Community Cricket David White said the results were a cause for optimism.

“What we’ve seen over the last 12 months is a concerted effort by the Victorian cricket community to get back on the park, to be active in schools and to get back to what they know and love each summer,” White said.

“We’ve got some really pleasing numbers in this census and results Victoria should be proud of. Not only has our overall participation continued to rebound through the pandemic, we’ve had strong growth in cricket for women and girls, no doubt inspired by our Australian, Victorian and Renegades and Stars squads.”

The number of new participants in cricket in Victoria declined over the reporting period – a trend consistent in many codes – but one which is a key focus for Cricket Victoria.

“The disruption we’ve been through has meant in some instances juniors who might have otherwise come into cricket in the last 2 years, simply haven’t,” White said.

“We know how important these early experiences with cricket are in shaping future participation. We don’t want to a see a mini ‘lost generation’ of kids who missed out on getting their cricket journey underway because of COVID and associated challenges. We’ll be working closely with our clubs and associations to make sure we can attract those players that are ready to start their cricket journey now and, in the years, ahead.”

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