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Stawell Harness Club – Giving back to the Community

Mar 24, 2022 | ClubHub

What started off as an around the boardroom discussion turned into an event that all of Stawell will remember.
Working out how the club could give back to their local community after 2 long years of COVID, a board member said he had contacts with Scott Carne from Kids in the Kitchen, who had a production of 80’s bands that get together and perform – why not have an open – air concert? What a fantastic idea, so from there it grew wings.

Coming on board to entertain all of Stawell, were firstly backup band locals FYI, Scott Carne – Kids in the Kitchen, Brian Mannix – Uncanny Xmen, Sean Kelly – Models, Ally Fowler – Chantoozies, and the Eurogliders. Not to forget MC Gavin Wood and the backup band.

The club wanted to provide an event that was inclusive in every way with wheelchair bathrooms, gluten free food and kids entertainment, everyone was catered for.

They focused on making it a safe family event. Working with the local football/netball clubs for parking attendants and booth attendants, as well as their own staff, the club offered drink booths and local food booths which were attended by Kerrie’s Kreations, Sweet Treats, Lions Club, Jody & Co and the club’s own chef James created some tasty food too.

Local winery Miners Ridge generously supplied some wine for the event.

In total, this event was a donation to the community of Stawell to the value of $50,000.

Huge thanks must go to all board members, racing committee members and staff who all came together as a team to create this event for our community. The smiles on people’s faces and the comments of thanks on Facebook, truly made all the hard work so worth it.

The big question is ……What do we do next?

Lisa McIlvride
CEO, Stawell Harness Racing Club

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