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Compliance Inspections

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CCV recommends that Clubs be pro-active with their compliance regime and have an annual calendar/planner that is updated across the various categories listed below.  In addition, a suggestion for Clubs is to create a single file or box into which critical documents are filed.

The box should be stored in a secure but accessible location so that it is easy for Duty Managers to make it available for VCGLR, Council, Worksafe or Fire Brigade inspectors.

Using tab dividers, the information can be stored securely and neatly. Having these documents stored safely in the one place will help reduce the stress that may accompany an inspection – especially if a plan or document cannot be found promptly. Here is a checklist and some suggestions for how you could organise all the documentation needed for your club’s compliance inspections:

Business Compliance Model Checklist

Tab Divider or folder Contents/Documents
Venue contact and other emergency details Manager phone number, Emergency services, preferred suppliers, other contact details as needed.
Floor plans Red line (Liquor), Green line (EGM) and Gaming room CCTV plan
Licences Copies of Liquor Licence, Nominee’s Licensee “First Step” certificate, Gaming Venue Operator’s Licence and Liquor Licence Register
Local Liquor Accord Agreement Copy of Accord Agreement as applicable.
Audit Inspections VCGLR/ TAB/ Keno/ Food Safety/ internal audit etc – copy of current Audit investigation/ Inspection Reports PLUS rectification sheet signed off by manager.
Club Security Crowd Control Register, Security Company employees with Licence details including expiry dates.  List of current security guards, again with Licence details, colour copy of Guards Licence and Copies of Security Call-in/Assessment Reports.
Incident Reports Copy of Police Reports and Copy of Club’s current Incident Report Form.
Training Current certificates – copy of Staff RSG, RSA and Food Handling.
Essential Services Emergency evacuation plan, emergency evacuation procedures, essential services register of the location and procedure to isolate gas, electricity and water services.
Local Council Requirements Copy of Planning Permits, Current Food Registration Certificate, Food Safety Supervisor’s Certificate, Copy of Council Food Audit Inspection, and Certificate Copies of Council Environmental Health Officer inspections.
OHS/ Worksafe/ Workcover Copy of daily Safety/ Ready for Business checklist, completed and signed off copy of latest internal risk assessment/ audit inspection report and Copy of any Worksafe Inspection Reports.
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