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$15,000 Pre-Fundraising Triumph for Make a Wish Foundation from the Altona Sports Club

Last year, the Altona Sports Club achieved the extraordinary by raising $31,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. This year, they’re gearing up for another round of heartwarming generosity. But here’s the twist – they’ve already gathered an impressive $15,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation even before their highly anticipated main fundraising event kicks off. Now, that’s a story that warms the heart and ignites the spirit.

Gavin Comport, the General Manager of the Altona Sports Club is at the helm of this philanthropic endeavour. His motivation? A deep-seated love for the Altona community, a place where support and unity are more than just words. He underlines their unwavering dedication to community support: “We’re a community club, and we do a lot for the community.”

The Altona Sports Club is no stranger to making a difference. Year after year, they organise not one, but two major fundraising events that touch the lives of countless individuals. One is for the Good Friday Appeal, and the other, the subject of our tale, is for the Make a Wish Foundation. Both these causes have carved a special niche in their hearts, thanks to the incredible work they do.

It promises an evening that blends entertainment with compassion in perfect harmony. But what makes it truly special is the generosity of local bands. The bands that usually grace the club’s stage on Friday and Saturday nights have stepped forward, offering their talents for free on this special occasion. Every dollar that typically goes to them will be a precious contribution to the foundation.

“These local bands are unwavering foundation supporters,” Comport proudly asserts. “We are forever grateful for their willingness to dedicate their time and talents to make this night an extraordinary success. Our event will be filled with raffles, auctions, live music, and we’ve even secured the esteemed John Deeks as a special guest and MC for the night.”

Choosing the proper organisation to support was a complex decision. Comport reveals, “It was a challenging choice, considering there are so many worthy organisations out there. But the heartfelt connections we found within our community tipped the scales in favour of Make a Wish. We wanted to ensure we could give back to them in a meaningful way.”

Their upcoming fundraising promises to be more than just a night of entertainment; it’s a showcase of heartwarming generosity. Together, they continue to make dreams come true for children in need, proving that in Altona, kindness knows no bounds.


Source from the Star Weekly – Hobsons Bay Maribynong – 30th August 2023