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Last year Zembl saved more than 14,400 Australian businesses a collective $12.23M off their bottom lines*. How? By helping them buy better across key business services such as energy and solar.

As a member of Community Clubs Victoria you can access their service at no cost and obligation free. This is how it works.

Zembl experts partner with leading Australian
energy and/or solar retailers.
They secure competitive rates for your business.
They do all the legwork if you choose to
act on the rates or solutions they find.

To start saving, call 1300 957 721 and mention you’re a Community Clubs Victoria member. Or, simply leave your details here and the Zembl Experts will give you a call.
* Based on businesses that used Zembl’s business energy review service from 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023 with an average lead load of 28MWh per annum


Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional cooking oil supply and disposal, and discover Your Smart Oil Solution at Cookers.34.H

As Australia’s leading bulk cooking oil supplier since 2000, Cookers is dedicated to bringing efficiency and sustainability to the foodservice industry.

With a customer-first approach, we provide high quality cooking oils and a complete system to streamline the entire process of oil management. From the supply and delivery of fresh cooking oil to the collection and recycling of used cooking oil, you have one point of contact.

Lighthouse Safety & Compliance

Lighthouse Safety & Compliance are the expert team which hospitality venues, golf clubs, RSLs and surf clubs turn to for all their Work Health and Safety (WHS) staff training and compliance support.

Club Induction
Hospitality Safety
Ktichen Safety
Club Maintenance & Outdoor Work
Hospitality Hygiene & COVID-19
Armed Robbery Awareness
Fire Training & Evacuation
Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination & Conflict Resolution
Refresher Training AML/CTF (AUSTRAC)

Australian Culinary Federation

As the premier industry organisation, the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF) proudly represents professional Chefs, Cooks, Young Chefs, Apprentices, and Culinary Students, prioritising their needs and aspirations across all areas of the cooking and hospitality sectors.

At the heart of their mission lies a steadfast commitment to supporting their members and fostering their professional growth. Through a range of tailored initiatives, they provide specific member support, including workshops led by industry professionals, personalised mentoring programmes, online learning hubs and resources focused on mental health awareness, social responsibility, and sustainability. Their goal is to equip members with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their careers and contribute positively to the culinary community.

In addition to providing member support, ACF also actively participate in and provide guidance on the establishment, maintenance, and enhancement of national and international Culinary Competitions. These competitions, aligned with the benchmark standards set by the World Association of Chef’s Societies (WACS), offer their members valuable opportunities for growth, recognition, and skill development.

At the Australian Culinary Federation, members are at the heart of everything they do.