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Every club is different, and it is therefore crucial that club managers work together with your Insurance Broker to identify the unique risk profile of your club.

However, when putting a program together there are four policies that are non-negotiables, and every club should have. These are: 

  • Industrial Special Risk (ISR) protects the club’s assets against fire/storm/earthquake/theft/money etc. as well as protecting your future earnings under the business interruption section of this policy.
  • Management Liability covers your club against financial losses (other than property damage and bodily injury) including coverage for directors and officers of the club, employment practices liability, statutory liability (breach of gaming license/ occupational health and safety), employment embezzlement, and tax audit. 
  • Voluntary Workers protects the club’s voluntary workers. As we all know the heartbeat of clubs are their volunteers which includes club boards, so therefore it is vital that clubs take the responsibility to protect their most valuable resource. 

Whilst the above classes of protection are essential, other classes of insurance to consider might include: 

  • Cyber Liability protects clubs’ electronic equipment against cyber-attack, phishing and point-of-sale equipment disruptions. Importantly it has coverage that provides clubs with funds to notify/correct privacy breaches which is a legislative requirement.
  • Motor Vehicle – if your club owns any registered vehicles including courtesy buses, they need to be separately insured. 
  • Machinery Breakdown protects the clubs’ machinery such as fridges, freezers including spoilage of food stored.
  • Corporate Travel is important cover if your club board or senior officers travel, especially overseas.    

Most insurance brokers are competent enough to put a program together to provide capable coverage to various industries, however it is important to recognise that one size does not fit all when placing insurance on behalf of policyholders. 

Therefore, it is important for clubs to partner with an insurance broker that understands the industry and their specific requirements, including keeping in touch with legislation that effects the hospitality industry to provide the correct protection to clubs and their operatives.   

Milton Gonzales
Pace Insurance Group*
*Pace are long term partners of Community Clubs Victoria

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