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Armed Robbery Prevention Tips

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Armed Robbery Prevention Tips from Victoria Police

As banks continued to tighten their security procedures over the years, gaming clubs  became targets for armed robbery due to their increased cash on premises.

There are various methods by which clubs can improve their security procedures including:

• Ongoing staff training and induction regarding cash handling procedures.
• Regularly changing the times that money is delivered to and transported from the club.
• Installation of enhanced security surveillance equipment and security lighting.
• Regular audits of club’s security measures, including review of systems and equipment such as drop-safes and time delay safes.

Managers can take further steps to mitigate these risks by some logical and practical actions listed below.

Police Recci Register

As an initiative to support venues Victoria Police together with industry stakeholders have developed a notification sheet where club managers and staff can report suspicious behaviour in their club. The types of behaviour might include:

  • Someone who appears to be observing staff procedures for extended periods of times
  • Someone sitting at a gaming machine for extended periods without playing the machine, instead looking around at everything going on.

Report suspicious behaviour so that it may be followed up by police with supporting CCTV vision provided.

Staff Training for Armed Robbery Awareness & Trauma Counselling

CCV’s partner, Trauma Centre of Australia (TCA) are one of many organisations who offer training for club’s staff to raise awareness of robbery prevention techniques and harm minimisation in the event of an armed robbery.  Their two hour course includes dealing with suspicious behaviour, how to handle an event, psychological welfare of staff afterwards and auditing security issues.  Trauma Centre of Australia also offer CCV members discounted fees for support services relating to critical incident response de-briefing and trauma counselling services.  TCA operate 365 days per year, 24 hours a day.  Trauma Centre Australia’s contact telephone number is 03 9205 9488.

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