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Clubs and hospitality update | March 2022

Dear Members,

To clubs across Victoria, we send our regards and best wishes to your teams.

From the start of the pandemic through to the end of the last financial year (June 2021), Australian tourism lost a staggering $101.7 billion.

Our visitation statistics declined by 98 per cent year-on-year, with less than 10 per cent of international visitors coming to our country for the first time.

This ‘perfect storm’ of factors colliding has dramatically affected our industry over the last 2 years.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data for February 2022 reveals that less businesses experienced supply chain disruptions in February (37%), compared with January (47%).  In February, (15%) of businesses employing staff were affected by staff absence due to COVID-19, down from (22%) in January.  In relation to revenue being affected, businesses recorded decreases in revenue of 23% in February, compared to 41% in January.  As one would expect there are variations across different industry classifications, however this data is helpful in tracking our recovery progress.

From these data insights it is clear that we are now learning to live with COVID-19 and data tells us that Victoria, which was previously enormously impacted over the course of the pandemic, is on the road to recovery.

Anecdotally our club members also tell us that they are seeing fleets of caravans heading out on the highways and holidays parks are starting to become full again.

Information from Tourism Research Australia tells us that forecasts predict domestic holidays are expected to return to a pre-pandemic level in 2022/23 onwards.

The number of overnight trips is expected to increase by 4 per cent in 2021-22 and by 21 % in 2022-23 to reach over 111 million overnight trips.

The forecast visitation for 2022-23 represents an average of 5 overnight trips for each person aged 15 years or older.  This is similar to the rate of travel per-person in pre-pandemic years.

This information is useful for our regional and rural club operators to consider when re-calibrating marketing and advertising campaigns to attract new members and visitors to your club.  Also don’t underestimate the power of Google Maps reviews and venue data.  Please ensure that potential visitors can access accurate information about your club’s trading hours, offerings and some great photos that showcase your club.

CCV has a partnership with digital marketing group, Castle Jackson ( who are specialists in creating web sites with low upfront cost and very reasonable ongoing fees.  Castle Jackson can also assist with an online digital presence plan, to address search engine optimization and social media marketing for your club.

One of the positives from the pandemic has been locals rediscovering hidden gems in regional areas around the state.  From a club perspective there are definitely some hidden gems that you should keep in mind, such as:

  • The Anglesea Golf Club with their amazing eco-tourism, Kangaroo tours that are superbly popular with the kids and families
  • Mooroopna Golf Club’s re-configured course and driving range in a picturesque regional setting
  • Warrnambool and Sebastopol Bowling Clubs new covered bowling arenas and redesigned facilities
  • Buckley’s Entertainment Centre’s (Geelong) new state-of-the-art children’s playground
  • Amstel Club’s extensive renovations and superb bistro facilities
  • Wonthaggi Workers Club’s new accommodation package delivers a new level of exceptional facilities for visitors to the region
  • CCV held its first Bendigo Community Connections Forum in May, coinciding with National Volunteer Week.

In addition to this snapshot of some great clubs that connect communities, it is always worth searching for the local club in Google Maps wherever you are travelling.

Many people don’t appreciate the key differentiating attributes of clubs, the main one being that we are different to other commercial businesses because of our ‘not-for-profit’ nature.

In an ‘election year’ it is also important that club communities remind and convey to local politicians the extraordinary effect the pandemic has had on our industry and why clubs, as not-for-profit community assets need further government support to assist local communities with recovery and welfare initiatives as we exit the pandemic.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Lloyd – CCV Chief Executive

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