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Trends in Non Alcoholic Beer

Apr 20, 2022 | ClubHub

Non-alcohol beer (NAB) soars in popularity.

Non-alcohol beer is booming in Australia and achieved a major milestone recently when it surpassed 1% of total beer volume for the first time. While this may not sound like a lot, it’s worth tens of millions of dollars a year. With predictions that non-alcohol beer will more than double in size over the next three years, it is a sizeable prize for the industry.

What’s driving NAB’s growth?

1. Long term trends towards moderation and abstinence from alcohol

According to Drinkwise, over a 10-year period to 2017, ‘daily drinker’ numbers declined to 6% of Australian adults, and ‘weekly drinker’ numbers declined to 37%, while ‘moderators’ (no more than two standard drinks) rose to 63%, and ‘abstainers’ rose to 20% of all adults. Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows alcohol consumption is in consistent long-term decline, driven by a steady reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed through beer. This is part of the wider moderation trend and presents a great opportunity for clubs looking to meet evolving consumer demands.

2. Big Brand are now in the game

Asahi Beverages has the leading range of non-alcohol brands in Australia. Their portfolio includes Great Northern Zero, Carlton Zero and Peroni Libera, which when combined comprise well over half the non-alcohol beer market in Australia. They have proven popular because they give beer lovers the same great taste as the regular version of the beer while allowing them to moderate their alcohol consumption. While it is expected that more brands will enter the zero-alcohol marketplace, it’s anticipated that those with the strongest brand equity will continue to have the largest share of sales and growth.

Why NAB is important for clubs

As the long-term trend of reduced alcohol consumption continues and Australians increasingly moderate their drinking, non-alcohol beer has an important role to play for clubs. By providing consumers with the option of a desirable non-alcohol beer, clubs can help ensure their customers can enjoy a beer with their friends and family in those important and everyday occasions, even when they are moderating their alcohol consumption or abstaining all together. This in turn helps a large and growing consumer base stay connected with their club and social networks.

CUB’s recommendation for clubs

Start with a focused range of two or three products, attempting to build in breadth of beer preference coverage to cater for everyone who enjoys a beer. Looking at the leading NAB brands above, we see these align with the Contemporary/Easy Drinking, International and Classic segments in beer, which is a good set to consider for your venue.

Sources: IRI Aztec AU Liquor Weighted MAT Volumes to 6-3-22 vs PY.  Drinkwise: Australian Drinking Habits: 2007 vs 2017.  ABS: Alcohol consumption, 2020-21 financial year.

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