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Educating to assist gambling compliance

Nov 16, 2022 | ClubHub

At the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC), one of our aims is to inform and educate venue operators, managers and staff about their obligations and our expectations. Our education team delivers on this aim by providing guidance and resources to all stakeholders – because when everyone knows the rules and our expectations, it’s easier to operate safely, fairly and with integrity. 

Through our compliance work, data analytics, and relationships with strategic partners, we know that money laundering is a big risk in gaming venues in Victoria. We also know that since the COVID-19 pandemic, venues have been employing new staff, many of whom are inexperienced and unaware of the compliance requirements of their roles. This is where education comes in. 

We’ve identified the risks that money laundering and an influx of new staff in gaming venues pose and are working on the following campaigns focusing on identifying and preventing money laundering and providing useful information for new staff at gaming venues.

Anti-money laundering 

This campaign focuses on educating all venue staff about their anti-money laundering obligations. We’re alerting venue staff and patrons to what they need to look out for so they can minimise the risks of money laundering. As part of the campaign, we have created an anti-money laundering poster for venue operators to print out and display. 

Information for new gaming venue staff

This campaign will remind staff that they play a key role in reducing potential gambling harm in a gaming venue. The campaign will inform gaming venue staff of their obligations, which includes recording incidents in the responsible gambling register, following their code of conduct and responsible service of gaming.

We’ll keep rolling out these campaigns in the next few months and provide venues with new educative resources, such as posters, checklists and videos. The new resources will be developed in consultation with our stakeholders to ensure what we produce is useful and relevant to the industry. They’ll be available on our website and in our Industry News, which comes out on the last Thursday of every month. 

Available resources

You can also access information and resources about the following to help minimise gambling harm at your venue:

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