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Victorian community clubs offer members a variety of entertainment including different forms of gambling. The types of gambling most commonly found in community clubs are electronic gaming machines, wagering, keno, bingo and raffles.

CCV regards these forms of gambling as legitimate leisure and entertainment activities, enjoyed by many club members throughout the state. Revenues to clubs from gambling provide significant social and economic contributions to community development and employment.
In Victoria, the day-to-day regulation of gambling is the responsibility of the independent statutory authority, Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Clubs wishing to offer a form of gambling to their members should visit this site to ensure they understand the associated regulatory obligations.
The Department of Justice manages gambling in Victoria and information can be located on their website.

On this site clubs will find information relating to:

  • Laws governing the provision and conduct of gambling.
  • The licensing of gambling industry participants.
  • The enforcement of licensees’ legal obligations.
  • Government projects, policies and strategies to encourage responsible gambling.
  • Services and programs designed to help problem gamblers, and to increase community awareness and understanding of problem gambling.
  • The gambling research program conducted by the Victorian government.

Find out about your Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) obligations in this article:

Or check out CCV’s AML/CTF Club Assistance Pack: AML/CTF Club Assistance Pack


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