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The Top 5 Renovation Tips

Mar 24, 2022 | ClubHub

Considering a Renovation?
Brett Marris is a director of DBG Projects, a hospitality specialist commercial building company. CCV asked Brett what clubs should think about when considering a building project.

His top tips below highlight good practice that clubs should include in their approach to any size renovation.

Clear Conception
a. Have a vision of what your business needs to expand, don’t just think about the short term but think about where the club may develop in the future. Consider undertaking a master plan.

b. Contact three architects/designers with hospitality experience. Give a clear brief and include everything on your wishlist, but also prioritise them.

c. Allow the architects/designers to submit their master plan and ask how the works can be staged to meet budget or operational constraints.

d. Work out high-level budgeting for stages and timelines.

Good Documentation
a. If VGCCC and Town Planning consent is required, apply as soon as possible. Applications can be a time-consuming process.

b. Have the documents completed to a building permit standard before agreeing on the contract sum.

c. If entering a Design & Construct (D&C) style contract, have at least 60% of the architectural drawings and schedules completed to lock in the design you expect. This information is crucial for finishes and lighting as these can easily be underestimated and significantly impact the look and feel of the completed venue.

d. If going out to full tender, have 100% of documentation completed, including all service consultants.

Budget Negotiations
 a. Have a realistic budget in mind with a 5-10% contingency allowance depending on the size and stage of the project.

b. Reduce the risk of latent conditions variations by searching for all existing documentation of previous works. If no previous information is available, consider opening up areas of the structure to reduce the unknown factors which could eat into the contingency sum.

Builder Selection 
a. Don’t just select a builder based on price. Some unscrupulous companies submit low tenders to win the project then build their margin with excessive variations. Prior hospitality experience is usually preferable.

b. References are the key. Ask for the last five projects, even if they are not all in hospitality, and visit the venues if possible.

c. Have your builder provide a detailed construction programme before entering into a contract.

d. Meet the key members of the construction team, not just the person pricing the work but include the contract manager, site foreman and any other managerial staff.

e. Ensure you have a direct line to the contract manager and site foreman but if you are employing a Contract Administrator, respect their role and advice.

Mulgrave Country Club Renovation by DGB
Smooth Construction Process 
a. Arrange for a coffee discussion each morning between the site foreman and club manager to discuss what works are planned for the day. This regular dialogue is essential when working in a live venue around bistros/function rooms where patrons are likely to be affected by the works.

b. Hold fortnightly site meetings and ensure the minutes are distributed. This allows for accountability and can help resolve disputes that would otherwise occur with parties misremembering what was agreed.

c. Confirm all instructions and variations in writing.

d. Inspect quality throughout the process.

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